Baby AJ was born on Oct 19th at 6:08 a.m.

I came home from Walgreens and walking to the door my water broke
DH and I went to hospital and I was put on my IV and Meds for GBS around 10 p.m. at that point I was barley 1 cm
I sat there from 10 p.m-about 5 a.m. with barley a contraction that made me flinch!
Somewhere in that time frame I was given Pitocin.
Around 5:30 my contractions came hard and like lighting. I asked the nurse if she could check me again I was 6 cm so she put in my order for the epi and called my MW who lives 5 minutes away to come!
I walked into the bathroom to put my hair up since I knew the epi was coming I couldn't get up anymore.

I had a few other contractions and felt the pressure, the pressure to push, I told DH to call that nurse I knew this wasn't a normal contraction! She came in and I told her I had to push I literally couldn't breath!

She layed me down checked me again and well baby was coming.....this was no more than 10 mins from my last check
I had no epi coming and well after about 3-4 pushes AJ was born at 6:08 a.m.! The L&D nurse delivered him and my MW came in just as he was on my chest!

It was lighting fast, I was petrified DH literally just stood next to me in He felt so bad after saying I am so sorry I didn't hold you or help!

It was crazy! Definitely not what I was expecting, but I had no rips and he was 9.4 oz!

Recovery is going better than with my DD who I pushed with for almost 3 hrs and had 1-2 stiches!

I am just glad my water did break and I had GBS so I went right in because if I would have waited for contractions to get uncomfortable he would have been born at home or in the