I'm super frustrated and need some advice. DD2 just turned 2 and her ability to listen when I say "no" or "stop" is awful and it really scares me. She will either turn around and smile/laugh and then just keep going or just totally ignore me. I usually try to calmly tell her what the consequence will be if she doesn't stop, and I always make a big deal when she does listen (clapping, "good girl", hugs, etc.) but I'm scared one day she'll run into the street and not listen and it will be awful. I resort to picking her up and yelling NO often and she just cries and it's loud and sucks for everyone.

Examples from last night:
1) splashing too much in the bath and got me wet. I asked her three times to stop and when she didn't I pulled her out and yelled "NO"
2) I let her out of her high chair when she was done eating and said to stay close by...and she ran away into the house where I couldn't see her. I had to run after her and pick her up and she did NOT like that.