Help! My 2.5yo DD will only drink milk from a bottle. We tried transitioning from a bottle to a cup around 12 months, 16 months, 18 months, and 2 years. Each time, she absolutely refuses the cup. I've tried all the things - different milk temps, different cups including letting her pick a special cup, the Nuk sippys that are basically bottles, snuggled up with the sippy, etc. She is very strong willed and just has none of it.

She was drinking 2 bottles a day - at wake up and before bed (but always brushing teeth after). Otherwise she drinks water from all sorts of cups, including straw and open cups.

So on Monday I was like, we really need to stop. We told her the bottle fairy was coming to bring her bottles to new babies and would leave her a gift. I really hoped that eventually she would cave and use a cup.

So far she's been mild-medium upset about it at bedtime and in the morning but otherwise isn't super distressed. It's taking her *forever* to fall asleep though, like not until 10pm. And she has been eating a snack before bed. But she still absolutely refuses to drink milk from a cup.

Since she's not crazy upset about it, I'm mostly worried about how to make sure she's getting enough calcium, but also I just need her to go to sleep. She loves cheese but if she has more than a piece a day she gets constipated. She will also eat yogurt and oatmeal, but not every day. Same with ice cream. Otherwise she's kind of picky and won't eat other foods that have calcium like leafy greens.

Thoughts? Advice? Commiseration?