I drive a mini van but DH has a 2015 Forester. We just had baby #3 a month ago and we procrastinated installing the car seats in his car because it’s such a pain to uninstall and reinstall. Well now that we tried I can’t get them to fit 3 across! We have one Diono Radian FF, a Graco Tranzitions FF and a Graco Snugride baby bucket. I put the Radian in the middle since my oldest will sit there and in the car manual it’s not recommended to install an infant seat there. The bucket is on the passenger side but the door hits it when closing which obviously won’t work! Any ideas? Does anyone have this setup in this car? We have a second Radian in my car so my only idea is to do 2 Radians and maybe they will snug up closer since they’re the same?