Just wrote a post about my 6 month old, but figure while I am here I would ask for some help for my three year old too.

He was an AMAZING sleeper until about 2 months ago. Slept 7-7am, and then after the summer and some travel, he started to have nightmares at night (maybe also an age thing?). Then that turned into him screaming at night because he figured out he could get things, so we did a sticker chart and he started sleeping great again. We then switched him out of crib into a big bed (twin) because he's very tall, and he slept great for about a month.

Now he has been getting out of bed and running into us at night, either because he heard something scary or he had a bad dream. Then we walk him back to bed and he comes back two minutes later. We have tried to use the sticker chart as incentive, and every day he promises he'll stay in, but every night he comes back in at one point or another and it all starts again. Last night he came in with a nightmare and my husband could get him to fall asleep quickly but then he came in at 5am for no reason.

He is EXHAUSTED from his day at preschool at 6:30pm and in bed by 7pm so we can't put him to bed later, and I don't think that is the issue.

We have one of those clocks that shows him to wait until the lamb wakes up - which worked for a while, but not anymore. And then we have a little light on since he is now scared of the dark. And we do white noise.

We have a 6 month old in our room and I can't have him waking the baby by running in every night. Should we just be consistent and walk him back to his room in silence every night until he gets it? I fear if we started sitting with him in his room until he falls asleep again or even laying down with him, he will want that every night - he is so stubborn.

Thankful for any advice you may have!