Ugh I need some help on this one...

While watching some cooking competition on the food network last night, my 3.5 yr old daughter remarked that she "didn't like that girls face" to a woman of color and turned the TV off. I was horrified.

So I told her that we don't like people because they are mean to us or shove us, but that we don't not like people because of the way they look, and that that wasn't nice or kind. Then I opened up a magazine and asked her to point out the people she liked. She was pointing to mostly everyone and saying she liked them... even some lighter toned black people. Then she got to a darker black person and shielded herself away (like she was scared) and said she didn't like them.

I have no idea what to do. We don't live in a largely diverse area in southern NH, but I know there is at least one black child in her daycare room. We also have some hand me down toys from my boss that have black Barbies and babydolls and she has interchangeably played with those along with her other dolls without noting any differences.

I can't imagine that she has ever been exposed to any racism, and I just can't figure out where this came from or what to do about it.

Please help!