DD just transitioned into a new preschool and we love it so far. The only thing I am questioning or that has me stumped is the napping.

It's a room of 4-5 yr olds, basically kids who will all go to Kindergarten next fall. I am aware that DD is on the older side of that bc of where her bday falls so some of the kids are newly 4 when DD is almost 5.. (and that is a big difference if you ask me)... anyway DD does not nap at home at all aside from maybe an odd car ride nap once in a great while.

I am glad they offer nap bc some days I do think DD needs it. My concern is that it is set up for TWO hours. From 1250-250. That seems so long!! ESPECIALLY if the kid doesn't actually sleep! How can they expect a 4 yo to lay there for 2 hours and not get bored or antsy??

Am I wrong? Is 2 hours the norm?

I've already emailed the owner and director asking if the 2 hr nap is the norm and asked if they'd consider a 1 hr cot time and then for those not sleeping let them get up and do quiet time in the "library" section or do puzzles or something.

I mean I can't even imagine being made to lay there for 2 hours if I wasn't napping and I'm an adult!

What do you guys think? is 2 hours too long?