Hi Everyone! So I am a bit new to this (board and motherhood) and need some help figuring out how to pull off taking my baby to work and also getting him to nap. I am very thankful I can bring him with me to my 9-5 (ish) full time job. He is 3 months today and we have been doing fine since I returned to work at 8 weeks. Until now..

My plan was to keep him on a 3 hour eat-wake-sleep schedule and essentially wear him in the wrap for his naps. I do have my own office, but I'm not in a space where I can let him cry much - so swaddling him up and letting him cry/fuss himself to sleep has never been an option.

The wrap has been working but as he gets older and more alert, it is becoming much more difficult to get him to fall asleep in the wrap and to stay asleep. My other issue is that he's so accustomed to being in the wrap that he reaaally screams and fights when hes put in the crib for naps on the weekend.

So here are my questions: are there other on-the-go mom's who really just aren't able to put their baby to nap in a crib during the day? And then if you do have to do naps in a carrier or stroller on a regular basis, will they ever nap in the crib? And is it reasonable to try and pull this off for at least a few more months? To maybe 6 months old?

I love wearing him but I feel like I've created this little nugget who will NEVER sleep anywhere else but on his mother's body! AH! And I probably need a different post to talk about the fact that he's so used to waking up 30 minutes into a nap and having me immediately console him (pacifier in hand..because he's like.. on me) that when it happens in the crib, I can't get there fast enough and he screeams.

And just to be thorough, here's our schedule:

7am - wake up and eat
8am - swaddled in the crib, crying (him, not me.. mostly), attempt at a nap while I finish getting ready
8:30/9am - if he's awake, we just leave for work. If he's asleep, I try to let him sleep as long as possible before I need to leave
9am - back in the wrap at work
10am - wake and eat
11:15-11:30 - in the wrap to sleep
1pm - wake and eat
1:15-1:30 - wrap for a nap
4pm - wake and eat
4:30am - carseat home
5pm - attempt catnap in the crib.. baby cries the whole time (despite rocking, shusshing..) sometimes this becomes a stroller walk or carrier walk so he sleeps
6/6:30pm - eat
7pm - bath, bedtime routine
7:30 - eat and sleep