Bees, I need your knowledge. My son is 5 weeks and fights going to sleep, especially for a nap, like it's a death sentence. I have spent the past three weeks alone every day (DH is back at work) and I'm out of ideas and running low on stamina. Everything I read says to start "drowsy but awake" right away if you can. Don't feed to sleep, Eat + Wake + Sleep, etc. I'm trying my darnest, but I can't get this kid to nap to save my life. I feed, swaddle and diaper change, go to the darkest room in our house (the bathroom!) and proceed to rock+shush. I know he's tired. His eyes are drooping, he's yawning. But the moment he falls to sleep or I try to set him down--BAM. AWAKE. Sometimes it takes me so long to get him to this point that he's hungry again and the whole process has to start again. AGH.

I am exhausted and without anyone to tag in to relieve me. Some days I get so tired and frustrated with myself and my inability to do this that we're both crying in the bathroom. How how how how do I get him to nap?! What am I doing wrong?