I wrack my brain endlessly over baby sleep. I feel like I've tried everything, and I don't know if that is just the main things that has failed me that, because we've tried it all, there has been lacking consistency over time.

We hired a coach previously, done sleep training, and had some success, but at the end of the day, we just haven't been able to get my son's naps to a solid place. Learning to stand in the crib was kind of the end of it all. Once he's standing, there is no going back.

My son is 11 months.

I've started to notice that my son does pretty well with naps on a more of a weekly cycle. Some days he gets 2.5-3 hours, and then the rest of the week he is having 30-35 minute naps, sometimes a 1 hour for one and then a 30 minute for the next, so we're getting under 2 hours those days.

He's always a happy guy, but just has SO. MUCH. ENERGY.

We've tried stretching him longer, and tried putting him down sooner, but it's just getting him to shut off and slow down is nearly impossible at times, and when we've built up good nap pressure that he goes to sleep more quickly, he still has a short nap.

At night he's still not STTN either. I've never been a great sleeper, and my mom says he's the same as I was when I was younger. And I'm less concerned about this because he's still getting a solid amount of sleep overnight.

I know this is a tough developmental age for sleep, he's learning to walk, he's teething, he's growing leaps and bounds... and I know this too shall pass, but I can't get past the mom guilt that he just struggles to get to a "good" nap length. Once he's up there is NO getting him back down unless I nurse him, but I'm only with him for 6 naps a week (3 days, and the days I can fill up his sleep tank).

He is able to fall asleep on his own with no support, we just have to help him get to the point of drowsiness otherwise it takes him over an hour to go to sleep.

Anyone overcome the 30 minute napper?
Anyone have a high energy baby with a similar story?
Did anyone experience this and have it change once their child transitioned to 1 nap?
Did anyone else's child just nap less during the day, and it wasn't a big deal?