Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with parenting a young child (4 years old) with anxiety? Our 4 year old daughter has always been sensitive and prone to tantrums over fairly small events and discomforts. I was hoping the tantrums would improve as she got older but they actually seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity. I’m sure some of it is normal growing pains in that she’s seeking ways to find more control over things she’s asked to do. But she’s consistently the only kid in soccer, dance class, swim, etc that bursts into tears over being asked to do something new or different. She’s okay in environments she’s comfortable in like her regular classroom but any new classes can be a recipe for disaster especially if it’s a class in which parents cannot participate with her. I’m starting to think there is some sort of anxiety/panic disorder underlying some of her reactions. If this was an issue for your child, how did you determine whether it was ordinary childhood behavior versus something more? And what methods did you use to help your child? Thanks in advance -