Hi bees, I need your help! My cycle has never been more than 31 days. I literally know to the hour when my period will start. Well that all went out the window this time! It has now been 48 days since my last period, I'm almost 3 weeks late!! I have had 6 negative pregnancy tests (I'm amazed I haven't taken more!!) . I had an appt with my ob/gyn in 2 weeks and got a phone call that they had to reschedule and it'd either be next year with her or next week with her NP, so I chose that route. Im definite going to ask for a blook test if i havent started my period. I'm hoping I either find out I'm pregnant by then with a positive hpt or start my period so we can start trying again! I'm going crazy lol!

The only symptoms I'm having are exhaustion, on and off cramping and I'm moody, but those could all be either pregnant and period. Oh I've also had a lot of clear, odorless discharge on and off.

Has anyone else been through this?! How did it end up for you?! Thank you all for your help, I'm going crazy over here, I feel bad for my husband!!