My 4-year-old has a daycare classmate who has problems with aggression. My child seems to be particularly targeted by this classmate.

The other kid's family has him in therapy and seeing specialists. The daycare is very aware of the problem and is trying to keep other kids safe. But. My kid keeps getting hurt.

He's been hit, pinched, bit, or scratched more weeks than not for the last couple months. It'll seem like it is getting better, and then we'll get another text from the school.

Most of the time it has been aggressive, unacceptable behavior, but it hasn't resulted in a real injury. Three times in the last month though, my kid has been scratched right near his eyes. Yesterday there were scratches under both eyes, inside his nose, and on his cheek. I'm concerned that with the face/eye targeting a "next time" could be disfiguring or disabling.

Daycare has said that next time this happens, the aggressive kid will be asked to leave the school permanently. I'm glad there's a plan...but the plan seems to lack any concrete way to keep other kids safe. It feels like we're just waiting for my kid to get hurt again so the other kid can get kicked out.

What can/should we be asking for?