DS1 is 5yo. We signed him up last summer for soccer and it was a disaster: he hated it and didn’t want to participate. After much discussion we allowed him to stop going and asked him what he would rather do. He asked to do dance class which we happily signed him up for with a friends daughter. He would go in and do the class then the parents invited to watch what they learned at the end. Every time he would stand and stare at us as and not do the dance when we watched. When we peeked in, he would be participating fine. We thought, ok weird but whatever.

Fast forward to today: first skating lesson which he was keen on. I’ve take him to public skating a few times since last year and he’s doing well but I wanted someone to teach him better than I could. Same thing: he sat on the ice and stared at me, not listening. I had to move to the other end out of sight so he couldn’t see me. He did a couple things but the instructor said after he was very reluctant and not having it whatsoever. I can’t get anything out of him as to why he behaves this way.

Would you keep trying activities? I’m inclined to drop skating and just take him myself until his confidence builds? It’s so so so annoying and frustrating to take him to these things and have him act like that.