I'm starting to wonder if my son's picky eating has reached the point that we need to seek professional help. I'm interested in other ladies' opinions, advice, commiseration.

DS1 used to be a great eater up until some point in his 2s. He increasingly got more and more picky but my reading suggested this was totally normal for this age. We followed all the advice for encouraging healthy eating habits. We don't force him to eat, or bribe him. He's able to eat as much or as little as he wants. We've been doing this for a while and his growth has stayed on the curve so while he doesn't eat much a lot of the time, he's still growing.

However, his picky eating keeps getting worse. And more and more previously loved foods are now on the no-go list. The most recent include yogurt, grapes, and baby carrots. I think it's driving me nuts in particular because I am responsible for packing his lunch and snacks now that he's in Kindergarten, whereas school provided his lunch at daycare/preschool. So now I feel like I'm buying things specifically for him to have at lunch and it's just getting thrown away. It didn't bother me much when daycare would say "he only ate a single baby carrot at lunch today" but it does bother me that he says "oh that yogurt I loved and you bought a 10 pack of...no, I won't eat that anymore"

So I guess my question is - is this an extreme picky eating that needs some professional help? Or is this more of a 'me' issue that's arising because of school lunches and I need to just let it go? Maybe it's a control issue on his part?