My almost 6 month old sleeps in our bed. For a while he was giving me some good stretches of sleep but now he’s waking every hour or less to nurse. I know it’s a habit at this point but it has to stop because I’m exhausted.

We co-slept with my first but he wasn’t this bad with the boob. With my first when he was 7m I started nursing him in the glider in his room and would then put him in his crib asleep. If he woke we would bring him to bed with us. He slowly started stretching the amount of time he would sleep until he slept through the night. He now sleeps 8-7 every night.

I assumed I would do the same with #2 but he’s out of control. I started trying to put him in his crib every night, but the little stinker wakes up as soon as I put him in. And no amount of patting or soothing will put him back to sleep. I also have a toddler now who makes it even harder. I can’t disappear with #2 to nurse him in his room because my toddler will follow me and my husband is literally at work from 7-8 every day. So I’m on my own most of the night. I also worry about LO2 waking up LO1 throughout the night. LO1 can be a beast when he doesn’t get sleep.

Any suggestions how to tackle my boob monster?