LO2 naps in her room in the crib during the day. How can I have her sleep in there at night? She seems to flip out towards the end of the night.

Should I just continue the eat, play, sleep but add reading etc at the end and put her down????

She goes down for her last nap at 415/430pm and LO1 goes to bed by 630pm.

She currently sleeps in our room in a bassinet now and is in it for the night no later than 730/8pm....

Just trying to get her in there as I return back to work in January and I won’t be able to get ready etc w/ out waking her and DH up. It’s best she’s in there by 5 month but trying to get into routine by 4 months. I plan to continue to nurse through the night until we sleep train. I understand a regression may come so I may do it then.

Any suggestions?- pointers? thx!