I feel silly asking this but I feel even sillier asking pediatrician so I figured I would ask here first... My 6 month old is formula fed and weighs 14 lbs 14 oz (he's small for his age but ped is not concerned cause he's growing appropriately and was 5 lbs at birth, at his 6m appt he was taking about 35oz on average a day and no solids yet).

Anyways, he is now up to 8 oz bottles but still wants to eat like every 3 hours! Shouldn't they be more spread out by now?? He has one when he wakes up, 3 at daycare and 1 before bed, we also started solids (only puree and he takes about a half a jar if that- the smaller store bought jars... about an hour after we get home). I should note he hasn't consistently been taking 8 oz... we just upped it maybe a week ago? And sometimes his first or last feeding is more like 6.5/7 oz cause he passes out. But regardless.... is that a lot and often?? He was so much more content when we upped his bottles to 7 oz and finally stretched to 3 hours rather than 2 hours I just thought with 8oz he should be going longer but he gets hangry. Sorry for rambling!