My DD (Quinn) is 9.5 months now. She isn't crawling. We realized at about 8 months that we had been letting her play in her exersaucer and bouncer too much instead of encouraging floor time. I think this might be the culprit, but I still worry about her development. We got rid of those toys and she now plays exclusively on the floor. She HATES tummy time, though.
She gets into a position that looks like she's about to crawl, but hasn't yet. She loves to stand against furniture to play, but can't pull herself up to standing yet. She's been sitting unsupported since 6.5 months. Her pediatrician said she was fine at her 9-month check-up, but I still worry! Anyone else have late movers?? I posted something similar when she was almost 8 months, but as time goes on, I worry more and more.