Last month, my then 15 month old went down a slide head first at daycare. He had gone down that slide completely on his own feet first before so I am pretty sure he was being a daredevil and I do not fault the teachers for it.

He got a bump on the head and some abrasion, but he seemed normal. Then at nap time, he started breathing really heavy, so I said I would come and check on him.

When I got there, I could tell it was his "in pain" breathing so I took him to urgent care. Turns out he had a wicked ear infection and a fever of 103.7. Head was fine, but if he couldn't be woken up or started throwing up he was to go to the ER.

And an hour later he vomitted four times... so to the EE we went.

Total medical bills for the day were ~$800. Daycare offered to pay it since it was all due to fear of concussion, but we declined-- that was before we got the bill. In the end it doesn't matter because I am going to meet my out of pocket sometime during my delivery next month (I am like $200 away, and expecting a one night NICU stay so that would be well over my out of pocket).

Just curious.. would you have had daycare foot the bill? It is a private institution and so technically they could kick us out for no good reason. They are the only one around so we would be completely SOL if that happened.

TLDR: If your LO got hurt at daycare would you risk possibly (but unlikely) getting kicked out if they paid the bill if you had no other childcare options?