Yesterday I was driving back to my house after grabbing lunch. It was raining and the roads were slick. I was stopped at a stop sign in my neighborhood about to turn right onto my road. A car comes flying down the road I'm about to turn onto and cuts the corner so tight she almost hits me head on. The only reason there wasn't an accident is because I swerved into a neighbors yard. I was very shocked and scared after the incident and just sat there at stop sign as car kept flying down the road at 40. Keep in mind- neighborhood road and this is the time kids get picked up or afternoon kindergarten. I called DH and he made a post on our community FB with no specifics just saying. "Lets all be careful when driving on our streets." So I get a call from my next door neighbor last night at 9ish and she said, "Did I hit you, I think I hit someone when I was driving yesterday but I was late and I didn't have time to stop and check." And then she gave me a laundry list of reasons she almost hit me (It was raining/she couldn't see out the windshield/she was late for appt/etc). TBH- I'm a little disturbed by the whole situation. My brother was hit by a dump truck at 9 years old and spent months in the hospital recovering. This is not the first time someone has had an issue with this woman, she is notorious for speeding and tailgating. I'm scared she is going to kill someone. DH wants to go over to there house and talk to her. WWYD?