I was waiting for you guys to start a thread on this, but no one did (!) I am a bit obsessed with this piece of news and would love to hear your thoughts:


That happened last week. The father was charged with first degree murder for the first 6 days. Now it has been downgraded to second degree murder. 10k+ people signed a petition asking to drop the charges. Investigation is ongoing.

Personally I think regardless if this was done intentionally or a genuine mistake, the dad should be charged murder /manslaughter. To me, this "mistake" is unacceptable. Can a pilot say, oh I forgot I need to fly an airplane today and I got drunk earlier? Or would you say to your parents, geez thank you for always remembering to take me out of the hot car in Summer back in the days, or I wouldn't have grown up? Some mistakes can not be forgiven. I don't know. Is it just me? I am just surprised 10k people signed a petition to release this father.