I'm looking for advice or to know if I'm just being an anxious over-reactor.

I'm expecting to go on maternity leave for my first at the end of September. My parents want to fly in and visit in October, which is fine. I'm a little nervous though because I don't know what I will be like, what baby will be like, or anything at all really. The airport is an hour round-trip, so I'm hoping my husband would be able to pick them up and drop them off.

Anyway, now my sister, her husband, and their baby want to visit a few weeks after that. I'm leaning towards asking if they could come in the spring (they don't want to visit once it gets colder---later on in my leave). I just don't really want to entertain a second time, get beds ready, food set, etc. My mom I know would understand and help out, and it's not like my sister wouldn't but it's her husband and new baby there too, and she would be busy taking care of their baby. Plus I love my sister, but she can be very overbearing and domineering. I'm expecting to be a little vulnerable at that point. She was quite put off when I wasn't overly enthusiastic about their plans. Am I just being too sensitive about the future?

What are your experiences with family visiting from out of town during your leave? Thank you!