DD1 is due to start preschool in September - a year earlier than I would have liked but kids here start part time preschool at three and full time school at age four (don't even get me started on how ragey that makes me!).

We received our acceptance letter today to the preschool of our choice, but unfortunately, there wasn't space available in the morning session so she has been allocated an afternoon session, which runs from 12:30-3:30 every day. Spaces are determined by birth date and as DD has a late June birthday (Aug 31 is the cut off), I'm not surprised we weren't able to get a morning spot, but I'm still a bit bummed about the afternoon session. She still takes a nap every day, and on the days she doesn't sleep, she becomes an absolute terror. I'm worried about her not getting the full benefit of preschool due to being tired, cranky, and a bit obstinate (which is what happens when she's tired).

Anyone out there have their three year old in an afternoon preschool? How is it working out? I will obviously be talking to the school about being put on a waiting list for the morning session in case a vacancy opens up, but with everything being done based on birthdays, I'm not very optimistic we will get a spot.

Moving to the morning session later in the year isn't an option as schools here don't allow for kids to be moved once they're settled unless there are serious extenuating circumstances. Also, looking at other preschools is also out as we've missed the window for applications and we'd really like her to be at this particular school.

I'd love to hear stories about how your LO does in an afternoon preschool and/or any tips and advice on how to make the transition a bit easier!