My mom is our nanny. We just had our 2nd baby 1.5 months ago. My mom is great with our 2.5 yr old. She voiced her concern that she is afraid she won't be able to handle two and we do want DD to get some exposure in a classroom setting as well. DD will be 2.9 in September (Dec birthday girl) so all of the city preschools aren't accepting her until she turns three, and even so many of them are on waiting list. The city preschools would have been perfect mainly for the tuition, it is reasonably within our budget on top of paying my mom. I don't think we can afford the preschool in the child care setting like Kindercare. Are there any Boston Bees here? Know of any reasonably priced program for a 2.9 yr old? Looking for something that isn't just a 45 min session, where we have to drop her off and then pick her up so quickly. Probably need a 4-5 hour window. Ideally somewhere in the Middlesex County (Melrose, winchester, malden, stoneham, etc) will be best.