It looks like we are in for a cold winter, stuck inside a lot. I'm freaked out about all the illnesses running rampant right now since we have a pretty young baby, so I'm trying to find some more inside activities for my 3.5 year old to get her energy out. With all the toy sales right now I've been seeing all the deals. Is 3.5 too old for a ball pit? Do you need an actual ball pit, or if I just get balls and put them in our kiddy pool is that fun? Am I just setting myself up for balls all over the house or just another thing sitting around not getting played with?

Any other ideas for some gross motor play? We already have a tent/tunnel, some big foam blocks for climbing on, a sit and spin, and some ride on toys. None of these get much play anymore though after the excitement of taking them out of storage wears off.