Is annual in-person registration a thing in your area?

My school district requires elementary parents to turn in signed paperwork the week before school. This year due to Covid they made the usually walk through event a drive thru at the school 4-7 pm. I arrived at 6pm and we were in the car line for 85 minutes. My neighbor went three different times hoping the line would get shorter but it kept growing. It was way worse than normal this year but every year it's a PITA.

I just don't understand why we need to do this. We also complete a whole host of forms online before this event. I can't understand why this event is necessary except that there's a chance to guilt each parent into joining the parent's club face to face.

I appreciate that the staff was working hard and had to stay late but I'm really hoping this year's mess was the nail in the in-person coffin.

Are you doing an in-person registration every year?