My kindergartner (age 5) has started taking in the third person non-stop lately. I’m not really sure how/why it started, but it’s been this way for the last month and a half. We haven’t made a big deal about correcting it, other than modeling back something like “oh, you want a snack?” if she says something like “E wants a snack!” But it’s driving my husband nuts 😆 (and I don’t really want this to become a lasting thing…) So I’m on the hunt for strategies to help her break the habit, if that’s even something we can/should guide. Is this the kind of things kids just grow out of, or something I need to be more proactive about? Generally I feel like the more attention I draw to anything like this with my kids, the worse it gets…so I’ve pretty much ignored the third person thing and hoped it’s a phase, but I’m curious if anyone has been there before and can offer me some hope from the other side.