I tell ya, they sure don't tell you all the questionable things you'll come up against when parenting... Where is the parenting handbook????? I need it asap!

So DD is 5 yo, about to head into kindergarten. She is social and is always talking about play dates and sleep overs. So far I have initiated one play date and it was ok. We went to a public bounce house and the kids had a fine time.

Well, this week DD has started to ask to have a sleep over... which I am not at all ready for!! The questionable part is that she is asking for her friend that is a boy to sleep over! She told me they already had it all planned and they already discussed where they would sleep (her bed )... anyway.... I obviously know we won't be doing this.

But how do I go about telling DD no... and I feel kind of like a jerk to be saying just bc he's a boy she can't have a sleep over. But it is bc he's a boy and she's a girl, right?? Ugh.. in todays day and age why do I feel wrong? I mean I want DD to have friends of both genders and all sizes, colors, backgrounds, etc so I feel like I should be fostering this relationship instead of stomping it out.

I've thought about just organizing a play date but to be honest I'm not 100% sure this boy is as interested in it as DD would be....

Thoughts? Have your kids wanted a co ed sleep over at a young age? what did you do or say? And even if you haven't experienced this.. what is your advice? what would you do?