Hi all -

My 4 yo daughter is wanting to stop wearing pull ups at night. She learned recently that some friends don't wear them and we've been talking about it. I understand from her pediatrician that it's a kid by kid thing, and that it's whether her body is ready or not, but I am not opposed to helping her try.

I couldn't find much guidance on how to do this though - any suggestions? We've tried before, and haven't been too successful, and I was fine with her going back to pullups so she accepted them when I offered again.

Currently she wakes up wet every morning. In the past when we've tried, she's wet the bed once overnight. I have a mattress protector on her bed and also bought the flat ones that lay over the sheet. She's got new undies she's excited to wear overnight. She doesn't have accidents during the day. She does drink a fair amount in the evening (a few small half full sippy cups of milk.)

Any success stories or things to avoid? Thanks so much.