Mrs. Deer and Mrs. High Heels recent blog posts on their Whole30 experience have inspired me to consider doing a round of Whole30. I'm really struggling to lose the baby weight no matter how I eat and DH has some tummy troubles and allergies. I'd love to test and see if it would help any of those issues. So, after talking to DH, I think we're going to try it, but I'm scared and want other people to do this with me!

I think we will start next week. We're going out of town today, and I don't think trying to do the first few days while we're traveling would be wise.

I'm nervous about the meal prep time, so I've been pinning lots of recipes that I could throw in the crockpot or make portions of in advance.

Also, I'm scared to say goodbye to my sugar and carbs. Wee bit addicted.

Anyone else thinking doing or just started doing Whole30?