Has anyone delivered a baby out of state or far from home? Looking for information of any kind and Google isn’t turning up anything (or I’m not searching correctly!) I have read all of Mrs. Mac and Cheese’s posts on the blog, but wondering if anyone has experience with this in the US or knows of any resources. I’m really just looking for stories of others who have been through this, tips for how to prepare, etc.

Background: It looks like, based on 20 week anatomy scan, that LO2 may have some of the same health concerns as LO1 and need specialists that aren’t available at our local hospital. My OB is strongly advocating for us to deliver at the hospital where LO1 was eventually transferred to avoid having to wait as long to get this new LO the care he needs. And I will more than likely be having a C-section due to shoulder distocia last time. This hospital is 3.5 hours away, we are very familiar with the staff, and would hopefully stay at the Ronald McDonald house where we have stayed countless times already.

Just feeling like I need to do all I can to prepare myself mentally. We have an appointment for a consult in January so we won’t know for a while what the final decision will be.