Does anyone else have a baby with an unfortunate habit of taking off their own cloth diaper? What did you do? Did they ever stop doing it?

My almost 1 year old figured out how to undo aplix a few weeks ago. Almost all of our diapers have snaps, and I was planning on snap converting those last few anyway, so no big deal. But today, she managed to undo the snaps on one of her flip diapers. I had no idea babies could do that! She was also in the process of peeing on the living room carpet when I realized that her diaper was off.

Obviously, the easy answer is to never have her in just a diaper. But she's crafty, and managed to undo aplix several times while wearing a skirt or pants. She just reached down and undid it, no big deal. I'm concerned she's going to figure out how to do the same with snaps.