Hi all,
Feeling all the things today. My son (5) starts summer camp on Tuesday, full days, 5 days a week, after being home with me every single day since March 13, 2020. I’ve been making jokes and counting down the days for months, and now that it’s here, I’m freaking out. Not really even about covid - I just don’t feel ready to end what was a weirdly peaceful and insular and safe 15 months together as a unit of 3. Also, I found out Friday I go back to the office June 14 so that’s adding to my anxiety.

Anyone else feel this way? How did you soothe the negative feelings?
PS I absolutely don’t mean to minimize the hardship of the past year for SO many people. I hope my sadness/fear about flipping back to “normal” doesn’t come across as entitled and clueless.