Hello Hive! Not to get into too much detail but i feel like my story might be relevant to this thread & give some background info. dec. 10th 2013 i gave birth to a baby boy, he was everything i dreamed of, but things turned pretty dark for us. Weight loss, colic, acid reflux, postpartum depression, breastfeeding issues and the fact that my baby boy didn't start sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time until 2 months ago at 7 months old. (pheww!! now that that is out of the way)

This is my buddy, he is 9 months old, his colic is gone, he just got taken off of monthly weigh ins because he was deemed "average!" never has a word sounded sweeter! I am just so pleased at how far he has come and how far i have come!

Before his birth we had decided to start TTC again in the spring of 2015. But i am going to be honest, i am TERRIFIED. & not ready, i have already told my husband i'm not sure if i can start trying again this upcoming spring. I feel like as much as i LOVE my son to death, he is my entire world. I am so anxious about having all those issues again, being so depressed for months, having others take care of me... and lastly, well. Becoming a mom that my son cannot recognize because of PPD issues (if it happens again)

Sometimes i feel like i am alone in my worries that even though my heart wants to have a home full of children and be pregnant again, that my brain is so anxious I'm not sure when i will be able to try to have a second baby.

Is anyone else possibly dealing with some similar feelings? And if so, how do you plan on eventually setting yourself up for TTC success? Any helpful tips from moms of multiple kids who has been where i am? Any help or kind words of wisdom would be welcomed.