We recently had a baby and our four year old has been acting out a lot since. We have come to realize a huge portion of this problem has to do with the amount of one on one time he gets with us, but in particular, my husband. Problem is my husband works somewhere around 55-60 hours a week and is barely around on weekdays when the kiddo is awake. We have already tried to buy more time with dad by having him drive my son to preschool the two days a week he goes, he puts him to bed whenever he is home in time and gets up early in the morning with him. Unfortunately this isn’t the best quality time as we are busy and tired in the morning and the bedtime routine can be too quick at night. I was wondering about the possibility of putting him to bed later so he gets more time with dad but my son has never had much success in adjusting his wake time and we have only had success getting him to sleep later in extreme circumstances. I also worry that on days when we have to get out the door him waking up later might be a hindrance. Anyone shift bedtime like this? How did you do it? Any suggestions?