I know I've posted before about sleep and I know there are a million threads about sleep - so sorry in advance.....but I've googled and read on here until blue in the face and I feel so lost....

I currently nurse my twins to sleep. Goal 1 - wean completely by the end of September (when they are 16 months). If it happens sooner - so be it. Goal 2 - establish a bedtime routine that makes sense.

Currently we do dinner, diapers & PJs, small amount of playtime with me and DH (he typically gets home halfway through their dinner or at the very end as I'm doing diapers.), we read a story then nurse.

I guess I'm posting this rambly post because I don't know what to substitute the nursing with. My gut says to read the story then sit with them and give a bottle of cows milk then put them down. HOWEVER, I also think it is silly to introduce a bedtime bottle at this age. Do I give them a sippy cup of milk while sitting in my lap? Is milk inappropriate at this time because we should be brushing teeth before bedtime? What is normal at this age?