My LO is 2 months now, and while he's great at sleeping longer stretches at night (4-5 hours), I'm still struggling with bedtime.

I care for my DH, who needs help using the bathroom and taking a shower. We used to have a nightly routine in the bathroom that started at 9 and took 1 - 1.5 hours. Now it keeps getting pushed later and interrupted by LO not wanting to be put down. I end up helping DH with my DS in the Ergo, which is not ideal for me physically (lots of bending down involved). Sometimes his feeding needs to happen in the middle of DH's routine and I end up nursing standing up. Then after DH is song I still have to finish feeding LO and I don't go to sleep til after midnight.

LO is a great baby, but he does have fussy times and he generally has to be held or worn to sleep. I'm nursing and supplementing. Between nursing both sides and DH giving the bottle, each feeding takes about an hour.

I'd like to develop a routine that looks something like this:
7:00 pm - Dinner (me and DH)
(Bath every other night)
8:00 pm - Feed baby
9:00 pm - baby naps
9:00 pm - DH bathroom
10:00 pm - DH in bed
10:00 pm - feed baby
11:00 pm - mom goes to sleep!

Any ideas or suggestions? Is too early to expect this to happen?