I currently room share with my twins in that I sleep on a twin bed in their room while they are in their cribs. My husband is in the adjacent (master) bedroom. I am returning to work soon and nervous about our morning routine. As of right now, I get up when the twins get up. For work, I plan to set my alarm for 4am and get the babies up around 5:15 to nurse/get ready then out the door for daycare by 6am.

My fear is - they will wake up with my alarm instead of sleeping through. I'm not ready to stop room sharing entirely. One option, is to go sleep with my husband after their MOTN feeding around 1am.

I know that every baby is different.....but just curious if anyone who room shares (their room or nursery) found that the baby didn't wake up to their alarm clock? Or baby woke up and I should plan for the alternate scenario....