Hoping some of you more experienced moms have some insight here.

As plenty of other sleep posts start out...I used to have a great sleeper, and now she is 15 weeks and sleep has gone to the pits!!

I just returned to work this week and trying to troubleshoot this sleep regression bc I'm currently getting 4 hours of broken sleep ea night.

I read Baby Whisperer books and we have been on a 3 hour EASY schedule since 6 weeks. She wakes at 6am. Spends 1.5 hrs awake, and 1.5 hours asleep all throughout the day. She eats every 3 hours, about 4 ounces. She usually takes 3 big naps like that and then a 4th catnap to get her through to bedtime which is around 7:30-8.

At night her new norm is a 4-6 hour stretch at first. She wakes to eat around 1am and then is up almost every hour after that. We don't nurse or rock to sleep. She goes in her crib awake and about half the time we have to shush/pat or PUPD. What am I doing wrong? It's been 3 weeks of this. Is she napping too much during the day? Sometimes 1 or more of her naps is 45 mins. Yesterday she followed the EASY schedule to a T and napped for 5 hours total and we had one of the worst nights ever. I thought sleep begets sleep? Last week we were traveling for the holiday. She ended up napping much less some days and she actually slept a little better at night!

BW talks about switching to a 4 hour schedule at 4 months but I'm wondering how common that really is. Any other experience with that? I wonder if it would help. She still gets pretty crappy if she isn't in the crib again 1.5 hrs after she wakes.