I am going insane tonight! Our bedtime routine starts between 7:00 and 7:20. He was in bet at 8. This usually gets us about 3 hours of sleep 5 hours on magical nights. Well it's 9:52 and he has been up 2 times and has been awake since 9:00. He will nurse to sleep, but the second I pull my boob out of his mouth he stirs and fusses.

We have tried rocking, which of all nights has been a problem. I have a bad back in general and run out of physical strength to rock/bounce and my husband JUST this morning put his back out. We have tried shushing and patting. I have no idea what else to do. He just sleeps for 5 minutes and a then wakes up and tries rolling over!

I'm seriously at a loss right now and have already been in tears about it. Please halp.