My LO is 11.5 months and has severe MSPI. I can't wean to cow, goat, or soy milk. LO isn't the best with solids, but gets 16 oz of purees and some table food every day. He also has egg and gluten intollerances and is sensitive to nuts (okay for cooking or baking, but he can't have too much almond milk).We nurse 5 times a day on weekdays and he takes 12oz during his 7 hours at daycare.

I hate pumping, but I'm at a loss for about weaning. I intend to nurse for another year and I don't want to put him on special hypoallergenic formula.

My question is did anyone not wean to cows milk? How long did you pump? What did work say about pumping? How did daycare react? We are with a home daycare who understands his allergies and is pro breast feeding, so I'm sure she will be okay with it for another 6 months.