I will also call my ped but wanted to see if this was a thing before I called and embarrassed myself. Haha.

We have a trip a week before my son turns 1. He’s 11 months today. I was thinking about how much easier it would be if I could go on the trip without bottles or formula or bottle brush to clean them, etc. The trip is feb 7-10 and he’s a year on feb 16. Or maybe just one bedtime bottle, but of cows milk instead of formula. Then I could just take one bottle and buy milk there.

To add some color, he’s never been huge on bottles or formula. He’s almost always taken the minimum requirement. Even today he refused his 11am (2nd) bottle. It’s a struggle to get him to drink sometimes. But he LOVES table/finger food. He wouldn’t drink the bottle but for lunch he devoured small pieces of steak, peas, strawberries. For breakfast he eats pb toast and fruit. Dinner he eats pretty much whatever we are having.