My PPD/PPA after DS2 (who's 2 weeks old today) has been horrible. I've been seeing a psychiatrist since I was 16 weeks pregnant since my depression and anxiety were so bad. My OB took me off some meds at the end and it has turned out to be a horrible idea.

At birth, I was on a low does of AD and have had it upped twice. On Monday, my psychiatrist added 25mg of Seroquel once a day, at bedtime. The first night it knocked me on my ass, the second night wasn't as bad, and last night was a little better. The issue is I do not hear my newborn crying, like at all. Maybe it'll get into my dream but when DH tries to wake me, I'm in a daze, almost like drunk.

I've emailed my doctor to see if this is normal or if I could cut my dose and see improvement. I was just hoping someone here has some experience.