Wondering if anyone has any experience of this and if so how did it go? I am due with #2 in a few weeks and our closest family is a 4 hour plane ride away and tbh, they are older and not that flexible so we can't count on them to fly in to help look after LO1 while I am giving birth.
In preparing for this I have lined up a few friends that LO1 can stay with while I give birth. But of course there have been a few snags - a dear friend who offered to help has had to leave town to look after a sick parent and I kinda felt bad depending on her anyway as she has little kids too. I also have our babysitter lined up and one other friend. But I am worried that if they both fall through, DH will have to stay with LO while I give birth. To complicate matters, I will be having a CS so we have scheduled it for when LO is in school - but I am afraid of going into labor before that date and DH not being able to be there. I have mentally prepared myself to get through it alone - it's only an hour or so and I can do this etc. - but the thought makes me (and him) sad that DH could miss out on the birth of his child and this probably sounds dumb, but I worry about it from a bonding perspective - not so much between us and the baby but between us as a couple that I would go through something that is so big for us as a couple alone - if that makes sense. If anyone has any experience or advice I would appreciate it!