I've read SO many posts recently about postpartum care (which, honestly, have now left me a bit scarred and terrified of what's to come!) with huge shopping lists of all the things you need, but I still find I'm not sure what to get/what I'll really need. Would love to hear from experienced moms about what was your lifesaver, or what's unnecessary, or what you wish you'd stocked up on ahead of time.

-Pads vs Depends (I already have a bunch of Kotex overnights but am wondering if people preferred having Depends?)
-Tucks pads... did you use them? How did you use them?
-Ice packs for your lady bits... what did you use/how did you make them? I've seen a million ideas/"recipes" online and frankly I just want whatever is the easiest solution because I'm feeling pretty lazy right now
-Earth Mama bottom spray/other similar products... yea or nay?

Anything else?