DS is 7 months old and had trouble with coughing and choking while nursing, spitting up, arching his back and chronic wheezing and congestion, which significantly worsened after he was diagnosed with rsv and bronchiolitis at 3 months old. For the past several months, he has been on nebulizer breathing treatments and Zyrtec with marginal improvement. Wheezing is pretty much gone, but he still coughs and sputters while nursing, spits up, arches his back, etc. our pediatrician said that those other symptoms are due to my overactive letdown and possibly allergies/asthma. I made an appointment with a pediatric pulmonologist who thinks its reflux. We have a swallow study scheduled for tomorrow to rule out any anatomical abnormalities and then we will move forward with treatment. Im wondering if anyone else has experienced a reflux diagnosis with an older infant and am looking for any tips, med recommendations or advice. I feel terrible that he's been suffering for this long and I didn't really know. He's generally a very happy baby and has always gained weight well so our ped never really took it seriously (we've since switched practices)