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April 2019 POAS

  1. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 973 posts

    @jaguar: it did feel exactly like period cramps. I’m sorry you are in this stressful part of early pregnancy. I’ve been there many times. Try not to drive yourself crazy with FRER progression. It’s too much stress. Yay for a positive digital, and I’m praying for a sticky bean ❤

  2. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: 😂😂 At least one of us is calm, right?

  3. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @maybebaby: thank you lovely ... I appreciate every bit of good luck xx

    @Jessiemuller88: Yeah... the FRER are causing more stress than helping at the moment. I need to stop but #addicted

  4. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    With both my girls I had a hungover feeling in very early pregnancy. That’s how I was sure I was pregnant with DD2. Well, I’m feeling that now. But, I don’t want to think too much into it because I don’t want to be deeply disappointed!! But I’m hopeful!

  5. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2690 posts

    @jaguar: Hoping this is sticky for you!!
    Speaking of cramps, I totally thought I was getting ready to start AF when I was with my daughter. But I was crampy for a couple of days, thought for sure I'd be starting my period and was wasting a test, but it was positive. She's 3 now

  6. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: eeeek fingers crossed tightly! when will you test?

    @JennyLayneAZ: yay for little girls!

  7. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: thank you!! I’m going to wait until Friday, which would be 15DPO. I don’t like the anxiety of testing, so I’d rather just wait it out.

  8. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: Ugh, I hear you. Whyyyyy I start early, I have no idea. At least you know one way or the other by then.

  9. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Here is today's 13dpo (with the others for good measure) in the meantime 🤞🤞

  10. Phillybaby2013

    kiwi / 520 posts

    @jaguar: I think that's a hella good progression at 13dpo! Crossing everything for your betas!

  11. paranundrum

    clementine / 811 posts

    @jaguar: That looks so good, fingers crossed! Let me know if and when you want me to add your BFP to the board.

  12. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 973 posts

    @jaguar: that progression looks amazing!

  13. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    Not at all POAS or TTC related, but headed in for an important job interview today. I’m hoping to land a full-time gig at the hospital where I work now. It seems the warm luck from this HB POAS addiction club lead to success for @SamsMom for her job, so I’m selfishly making a grab for some of that same positive energy!

  14. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @yellowbeach: YOU GOT THIS LADY!!!

  15. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @yellowbeach: sending you alllllll the good vibes!!!

  16. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2690 posts

    @yellowbeach: Good Luck! You'll do great!!

    @jaguar: Beautiful tests!!

  17. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    I’ve been having period cramps and that fullness in the lower abdomen that comes with them, so that’s the only thing that’s making me doubt that I’m pregnant. I’ve had them on and off for about a week. But still no spotting. So 🤷‍♀️

  18. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: your tests look amazing BTW!!!

  19. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    This is NOT a pregnancy test. It’s an ovulation test because I didn’t have any HPTs. I have heard that ovulation tests can be used as HPT but I have no idea how. Is this true? Thoughts?

  20. bhbee

    cantaloupe / 6086 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: if you get a blazing positive opk when you’re not supposed to be ovulating, you might be pregnant. I don’t think that one tells you anything unfortunately.

  21. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @bhbee: thank you for your help!

  22. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @jaguar: I'm sorry for the uncertainty and sending all the sticky baby dust your way

  23. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @jaguar: Just saw your update (didn't show up when I clicked on the notification) and the line looks great!!!

  24. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts


  25. maybebaby

    nectarine / 2177 posts

    @jaguar: looking great!

    @yellowbeach: sending tons of positive energy!

    @CatchAFallingStar: girl get thee a pregnancy test!

  26. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @maybebaby: ha! I’m ordering some on amazon... that’ll force me to wait a couple days! 😄

  27. JennyLayneAZ

    nectarine / 2690 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: as I told Jaguar, that's exactly how I felt when I was pregnant with my little one. I was SURE I was going to start my period, but, it just never came. And I don't normally feel that way for days before the start of AF, so, if that's not normal for you, this could be it I have no idea about the ovulation tests though, sorry I can't be of help there!

  28. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 973 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: which end is the control line?

  29. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I don’t know 🤔

  30. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I think the right

  31. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    I think the interview went well. They are interviewing 5 people total, 4 of which also already work for the hospital part-time like me. I should hear a decision by the end of May. Thanks again for all the good luck sent my way today!

  32. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @yellowbeach: Glad it went well!!! Fingers crossed xx

    @periwinklebee: Thanks lovely. Still nervous over here but can't do anything but wait!

  33. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I have no idea re: OPKs.. but I am pretzelling for you. You're a much stronger woman than I am!

  34. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Should hopefully hear back from my clinic in a few hours with beta. Absolutley terrified!

  35. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    If I remember right on the digitals, the control is the furthest from the pink cap.

    @CatchAFallingStar: as to OPKs for pregnancy tests, by the time you get a blazing positive OPK, you should be able to get a positive HPT.

    Basically LH and HCG are fairly similar in chemical makeup, so an OPK can pick up HCG (later than an HPT can pick up HCG). Best analogy I've seen for it is: LH & HCG are like twins, and HCG is wearing a hat. OPKs are looking for a twin, but HPTs are looking for the hat.

  36. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: I’m actually a wuss! I’m too afraid to test even though I’m now about 75% sure that I’m pregnant just based on the way I feel. I could be totally wrong! I’m too afraid to see a stark white test, so I’m just waiting and waiting.

    @Sams Mom: yeah, I’ve been Googling A LOT and keep finding conflicting information. Basically, I think it’s just dumb to test for pregnancy with an OPK because it’s just not definitive one way or the other. I’m just too chicken to get a real test.

  37. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Ok... 14dpo hcg is 113. I have a history of crappy low hcg levels (in good AND bad pregnancies) so I am hoping this is okay. Bloods say PREGNANT!

  38. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: yay!!! Congrats!! My numbers at 10DPO and 12DPO with DD2 were only like 20 and 60. So, that’s a great number!

  39. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I have to go back Friday for a repeat draw. 🤞

  40. Phillybaby2013

    kiwi / 520 posts

    @jaguar: hooray for a great number!

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