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April 2019 POAS

  1. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @Kaohinani: So good to hear from you. I'm glad the break from the boards has been helping with the mental health. We definitely miss you, but I can appreciate the need for space. I get that way about once a week.

    AFM, CD1 today, so moving over to the May board. I'll still stalk this one but will do my posts over there.

  2. paranundrum

    clementine / 811 posts

    @Kaohinani: It's great to hear from you, you have been missed!
    I'm sorry your cyst situation hasn't resolved, hopefully this next cycle on BC will do the trick and the break from the board is good for you too.
    We're here for you and will be happy to have you back with us when you're ready to return.

  3. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @periwinklebee: I deleted the post because I realized it was only 7DPO and I probably wasn’t “out”.. but I’m still feeling period-like. So I’m most likely out. It sucks. And scary since I’m old.

  4. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    It’s funny how I’ve tried to conceive countless cycles since 2013, have had two babies and STILL go insane during the TWW. I Google things that I’ve probably Googled a million times and know the answers by heart. That crazy love for our babies makes us just a little nutty. Am I right?

  5. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    BFN at 4dp5dt... not looking good from this transfer!

  6. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @Kaohinani: I’m sorry, that totally sucks. FWIW, I’m glad to “see” you, and hope your cycles resolve themselves soon.

  7. LAZB

    pomegranate / 3904 posts

    @jaguar: I wouldn’t count yourself out yet! Also, I read somewhere that frozen transfers can take longer to implant for some reason, so who knows!

  8. yellowbeach

    nectarine / 2648 posts

    @jaguar: definitely early! Not counting you out by any means.

  9. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Thanks guys.. I think I'm preparing myself for the inevitable. Wishful thinking for this first transfer back to work - pressure is on, since we're using these remaining frosties and that's it for us. But man, I had SUCH a good feeling.

    I had squinters by 9dpo with all my other pregs, even the miscarriages.

  10. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Wishful thinking or something to squint at???

  11. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @jaguar: I see it, how fast did it come up and how pink is it in real life?

  12. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @Sams Mom: about 5 mins, has some colour in it from what I can see!

  13. Phillybaby2013

    kiwi / 520 posts

    @jaguar: I have no trouble seeing that. Hope it's the real deal! So many ladies have had issues with FRERs as of late but if it came up within 5 min that's very promising!

  14. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: positive! Congratulations!!

  15. Phillybaby2013

    kiwi / 520 posts

    I'm in cycle limbo over here. At this rate I have no idea whether I've actually ovulated or not. I'm on CD17 and thought I was 6DPO but tonight I had what sure seemed like EWCM. I've taken 8 million OPK's and they all look the same shade of negative so far. I feel like all my temps for the last week are unreliable due to crappy shift work sleep and then a nasty cold the last 3 days. I've been feeling pulling/weirdness in my lower abd but none of my other usual post o symptoms. I guess I need to make a point to the DTD the next few days just in case. WTH!

  16. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @Phillybaby2013: That is freaking me right out! Never a sure thing, but I'm sure I'll keep on obsessing and see what happens. :o

    I would DEF keep on trying just to cover your bases!

  17. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 973 posts

    @jaguar: I see it clearly!

  18. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    I almost got Paranundrum's cat 😬

    And with that dip I'll probably see AF today

  19. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @Sams Mom:

    I’m feeling AF coming on but my temps haven’t dropped yet. I’m 10DPO. I only had a 9 day luteal phase last cycle. It was my first back after baby and nursing for 13 months (I’m still nursing). So, I can’t really bank on being a day later than last month.

  20. Sams Mom

    grapefruit / 4492 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: boo

    This will be my shortest LP in a couple years, but this is also my lastest ovulation ever

  21. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @jaguar: I definitely see it!!!

    @CatchAFallingStar: My LP was all over the place while nursing (I was pretty confident on ovulation), which is weird because pre-baby it was always super consistent.

  22. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @Sams Mom: same. I ovulated so late this cycle @periwinklebee: yeah, hoping it regulates soon! I used to be so regular

  23. paranundrum

    clementine / 811 posts

    @jaguar: I see it too! Fingers crossed it's the real deal. FRERs have burnt a lot of fingers lately.

    @Sams Mom: Oh, it's my chart cat's chubby cousin Steve! I'm sorry it looks like AF is on it's way though...

  24. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Today's update - have been cramping all day and had brown spotting after exercising. Nervous.

    6dp5dt (11dpo)

  25. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @jaguar: Yes!!!

    I'm 5 weeks and have been cramping off and on ever since the bfp, completely normal. Early pregnancy really sucks, especially after losses, and I'm sure a million times more with ivf. Thinking of you and crossing everything that this is it!

  26. paranundrum

    clementine / 811 posts

    @jaguar: It's definitely darker! When will you go in for betas?

  27. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @periwinklebee: eeek. Yeah I'm lying in bed right now cramping up a storm and hoping it's positive for more implanting or something. Nervous wreck!

    @paranundrum: Wednesday is my IVF clinic blood draw (9dp5dt) - 14dpo

  28. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: your test looks amazing! Yeah the cramping always freaks me out!! But totally normal.

  29. periwinklebee

    grapefruit / 4466 posts

    @jaguar: ugh, I feel like early pregnancy is designed to be disconcerting. Thinking of you, it's an awesome line!

  30. Jessiemuller88

    clementine / 973 posts

    @jaguar: yay! I had cramping when I first found out I was pregnant with DS. Totally normal!

  31. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    My temp went up today but I have a cold, so maybe that’s why? I’m 10DPO. Fingers crossed!

  32. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I hope so! My fingers are crossed for you xx

    @periwinklebee: now to stop myself peeing on everything and driving myself insane with lack of progression haha

    @Jessiemuller88: did it feel like period pain?

  33. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    Ugh bleeding aagain. FRER isn't darkening much (if at all from yesterday) but digi says yes?

  34. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: bleeding or brown spotting?

  35. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: yesterday was brown, today was pink. Clinic is checking progesterone bloods today to see if that could be why.

  36. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: I had both with my first pregnancy. I was so scared! But my doctors said it was totally normal. And now that baby is 4! So, I think it’s very normal especially if it’s happening after exercise or other irritants on the cervix.

  37. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: have you told your hubby yet?

  38. jaguar

    pomegranate / 3764 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: Thank you beautiful! I had bleeding with Claire (but after confirmed betas - huge ones at 5w and 8w) but never this early. Just mostly spooked about it being another super early loss. You're so lovely sharing your story - thank you!

    Hubby knows, I couldn't hold it in any longer so I shoved the digi in his face. He is the calm to my crazy, so all he says is wait and see.

  39. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    @jaguar: Oh my gosh.. sounds just like me and DH!!

  40. maybebaby

    nectarine / 2177 posts

    @jaguar: sending all the happy and healthy sticky vibes your way! i am so excited for you!

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