The first few years of both kids' life were too crazy to think about the passage of time.

But now that things are settling down, oh my goodness... the kids are just growing up so quickly! My kids are turning 4 and 6 this year, and sometimes I'll look at a picture and I swear it looks like they're in high school. I have been getting all emotional lately, and trying to be more present and snuggle the kids more.

I can feel things starting to change... like when sometimes my son will refuse to hold my hand! Sniff sniff... then again, the other day I was just walking along with him and I felt his little hand slide right into mine. So maybe I have a little more handholding ahead of me. I'm bracing for him to move to the next phase of childhood, where his friends are his life and his parents are just embarrassing.

Can you feel the years just flying by?